Interview Tip!

Interview Tip!
You have exactly 8 seconds to greet and impress the person you walk into meet at that face to face interview.

• Stand Tall.
Make eye contact.
Have a firm handshake.
Make sure you have clean hair and wearing modest make-up if you are female.
You should always dress like your are meeting the most influential people concerning your career...!

HOSPITALITY RECRUITERS specializes in management placement at all levels, on a local, regional, and national basis in the restaurant and hotel industries.

We have successfully placed Candidates in a wide array of positions from Entry Level Management to Senior Executive. We represent a broad range of Clients from Local Independents to major National Chains.

What We Do
At HOSPITALITY RECRUITERS, our only focus is on creating a Win / Win relationship between the Candidate and the Client.

How do we do that?
While other agencies are concerned about matching ONLY background, qualifications, and salary levels, we take the process to the next level by zeroing in on what the Candidate really wants from a career change. We then match those all-important less tangible details with the little known, non-publicized insights that we know from experience with our clients. We know which companies have the best growth opportunities, fastest advancement, best benefits, are the most financially secure, and so on and so on. This extra time and effort pays off for both parties, as the candidate gets the job he / she wants, and the client gets a satisfied employee who is interested in the long term.

In recent years, "Partnering" has become the new "Buzz Word" in many corporate cultures. Everyone who wants to sell you something suddenly wants to be your "Partner". At HOSPITALITY RECRUITERS, we believe in the concept of "Partnering", but as the concept is intended to be, not as a "Buzz Word" or "Sales Pitch" in a slick ad campaign.

"Partnering" with our Candidates means counseling, creating and sharing information that will help make that person more successful, even if it means we as a company won't make money from that advice.

"Partnering" with our Clients means counseling, creating and sharing information that will help make that company more successful, even if it means we may not be "Partnering" at all.

We at HOSPITALITY RECRUITERS believe in doing the right thing in all circumstances.

We believe that any dealing must create a Win / Win / Win relationship for our Candidates, our Client Companies, and Our Organization (We call that a "Triple Win"). And that is what we believe...

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